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Navigating Uncertainty: Strategies for Building Business Resiliency - Archer  



Most, if not all, organizations have been impacted by disruptions including the pandemic, natural disasters, geopolitical events, cyberattacks, fraud, human error, or a combination of causes. These types of events impact consumer demand, employee health and safety, supply chains, cause physical damage, loss of customers and reputational damage, and exponentially increase the cost of doing business. The nature, frequency and magnitude of disruptions have caused organizations to evaluate their ability to recover from events – but even more the state of their business resilience.

Business resilience has become a strategic imperative in addition to a regulatory, corporate, and board-level topic within many organizations across virtually every industry. Organizations of all industries, size and location are discovering that they must build on their recovery capabilities and become resilient.

Download this paper to learn more about how you can:

  • Adjust your focus and efforts to align with your organization's top priorities, both internally and externally
  • Engage your broader organization in building resilience and preparing for potential disruptions
  • Evolve your business recovery approaches to enhance your organization's resilience and minimize disruptions

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