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Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) initiatives have become a strategic imperative for nearly all organizations over the past year. Increased focus and pressure from investors, regulators, employees and other stakeholders make ESG a topic that is not only critical at the board level, but also essential to cascade throughout organizations operationally. 

ESG is complex. And the reporting across various ESG standards that define quantifiable requirements makes success or failure very measurable and public. As with any key strategic imperative, careful management of all the risks that impact this success or failure is essential. Fortunately, the well-established discipline of Integrated Risk Management provides a foundation for this very thing.

Download this paper to learn about:

  • The most common factors organizations are assessing in term of materiality on ESG
  • Some of the different approaches being taken across industries and geographies to align with standards
  • An emerging set of stages that organizations are taking to progress from mapping to reporting to strategically aligned decision making on ESG risks

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