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ESG Strategy: Practical Steps for Risk Management - Archer


For risk management teams, ESG represents another step forward in the direction of integrated approaches. ESG is not just environmental risk. Depending on the industry, ESG can include a mix of elements ranging from data security to diversity.Many organizations find themselves reacting to change and trying to keep up with it rather than seizing the opportunities it presents. ESG is the key to an organization’s ability to innovate and grow, as well as to ensure its success today and continued longevity well into the future.

ESG is a major opportunity to elevate the strategic focus of the risk management function from "avoid trouble" (defensive posture) to "increase corporate value" (opportunity posture). Risk leaders can directly influence the ESG strategy by lending their expertise to this major business imperative. To get started, it is important to put in motion actions that lay a solid foundation for your strategy.


Download this paper to learn about how risk management teams can:

  • Understand howESG standards and frameworks fit into risk management programs
  • Plan for the effects on corporate reporting
  • What are the next steps you should betaking to prepare for ESG

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