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An Illustrative Quantitative Analysis of IRM



At the core of Integrated Risk Management is the ability for the business to make risk informed decisions, meaning, business stakeholders are presented a clear and concise picture of the interdependent nature of risk, the potential impacts and the ability of the organization to weather negative events.

Most often, the benefits an organization sees in taking a strategic and comprehensive approach to risk management are evident in many different types of metrics such as fewer compliance violations, less disruptions, and more effective responses to operational events. An interesting way to look at the overall effect of an Integrated Risk Management program can be found by applying a quantitative Bow Tie analysis technique to the macro level of risk management.

Download this white paper for an illustrative quantitative analysis of the impact of Integrated Risk Management including:

  • How bow-tie analysis can simplify the measurement of integrated risk management programs; and
  • The results of the quantitative analysis of IRM practices resulting in significant, measurable metrics.


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