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Understanding the Modern Needs for Risk Management 


The past few years have highlighted the reality that managing risk is not a point-in-time but rather an ever-changing set of dynamics with broad impacts across the business. On the heels of massive disruption from the pandemic, organizations today face a myriad of shifting risk factors that continually overlap and foster uncertainty.  

IDC Research recently published a new report entitled “Taking Risk and Compliance Programs to the Next Level to Support the Modern Enterprise.” This report leverages extensive feedback from risk professionals, highlighting how a modern approach to risk management today encompasses not only effective management of risk from a defensive standpoint, but also leveraging risk as a competitive advantage based on increased likelihood of success of strategic initiatives.

In this report, you will learn:

  • The modern definition of GRC or Integrated Risk Management (IRM) maturity
  • The connection between risk maturity and use of advanced technologies
  • The top priorities for risk management capabilities from peer organizations
  • The technologies available to advance your organization’s risk posture

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